Loretta C. Rogers

also writing as L.W. Rogers


Trailers and New Book Promos

McKenna's Woman -

I feel health care is a right. People should not suffer and die because they do not have the means to buy insurance. At this time the only plan that could result in everyone having insurance is the Affordable Care Act bettingsiteonline.co.tz/1xbet-tanzania. Reid Ribble and the republicans have voted over 40 times to repeal the ACA without anything to replace it. If the republicans are allowed to succeed, it will not only result in millions of people losing their health insurance, it will also cause the out of pocket cost for Medicare Part-D and Medicaid to go up.

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 Brady's Revenge -

It is not unusual to find people in their 40's still paying off student loans. In many cases they avoid buying a house or a new car until they get these loans off their back www.bettingsiteonline.co.tz/1xbet-tanzania. I would sponsor a bill to lower the interest for student loans to the same rate banks pay. At this time banks pay .5 percent. The bill would also allow anyone to refinance their old loans under the new rate. Millions of people would have thousands more dollars each year to spend on goods and services. This would result in more college graduates and a more vibrant economy.

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Superstition Trail -

A strong and secure nation depends on sound economic policy that promotes and sustains full meaningful employment. Business, labor and the public must work together to re-establish American jobs on American soil. I support small business as a means of economic growth. We must resist outsourcing by eliminating tax breaks to employers who ship jobs overseas and creating incentives to bring jobs back to the United States 1xbet app android. Over the past two years Republicans in the House of Representatives have passed two budget proposals that essentially end Medicare. Wisconsin seniors have earned a secure retirement. I will fight to protect Social Security and Medicare from Republican privatization plans that would force seniors to gamble their Social Security on the stock market and convert Medicare to a risky voucher program.

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